Terms of Use and Disclaimer

This website (www.cctvgb.com.hk) is operated by CTV Golden Bridge International Media (HK) Co., Ltd. (“CTV”).  Any person’s access to this website in any way, and any use of and any act on this website, shall be bound by these Terms of Use and Disclaimer (the “Terms and Disclaimer”).  Any person shall carefully read the following terms before using this website:

By accessing this website, you are agreeing that you are aware of and agree to observe and be bound by these Terms and Disclaimer, which shall operate as an agreement between you and CTV in respect of the use of this website.  If you do not accept the Terms and Disclaimer stated herein, do not use this website and promptly disconnect the access.  CTV shall have the right to update these Terms and Disclaimer at any time without notice by promptly posting the updated and revised versions on this website.  The updates of these Terms and Disclaimer shall also be binding on you.

In the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English version of these Terms and Disclaimer in respect of the use of this website, the Chinese version shall prevail.

1.  Use of Website

1.1  To access and use this website, you should be an adult with full capacity for civil acts; this website will not render services to or collect information and data from the underage or persons without full capacity for civil acts.  If you are under age or do not have full capacity for civil acts, you should obtain the prior permission of your guardian or be accompanied and instructed by your guardian for the access and use of this website.  We also hope that the guardian may inform or instruct the underage or person without full capacity for civil acts when finding that he/she is viewing this website.

1.2  You may only use this website for lawful purposes and in lawful ways.  You agree to observe all laws and regulations applicable to your use of this website.

1.3  You shall not, nor shall you attempt to, break any scurrility measures taken for this website, including without limitation:

i.  viewing any data not intended to be viewed by you;

ii.  logging on servers or accounts you are not authorized to access;

iii.  detecting, scanning or testing the vulnerability of the system or network used by this website;

iv.  breaking any measures taken for the security or certification of this website; and

v.  Interrupting other users’ access or use of this website.

1.4  You may have to bear civil and/or criminal liabilities and we may take legal actions we deem necessary and appropriate if you breach any term under Article 1.3 above.

2.  Intellectual Property Rights

2.1  The ownership, rights of author and other rights of and to the data, information, page designs, images, processes, sound, programs and other contents on this website marked with “source: CTV” shall vest in and remain in CTV, which shall be protected by the copyright and/or other intellectual property laws.

2.2  This website will mark the source of reprinted articles, and retain the author’s name and copyright notice, if any, contained in the reprinted articles when they are posted on the original publishing media, provided that this website disclaims any responsibility for verifying the ownership of copyright and defects of rights in and to the reprinted articles.  If any entity or individual deems that the articles reprinted on this website are suspected of infringing upon its lawful rights and interests, it shall notify us in writing and provide relevant supporting documents and reasons in a timely manner, and we will take corresponding measures upon the receipt of such documents.

2.3  All trademarks, trade names and/or logos used on this website are trademarks, trade names and/or logos, either registered or unregistered, of our company or third-party licensors, and shall be protected by intellectual property laws.  Nothing contained on the website should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark, trade name or logo displayed on this website.

3.  Links to Third-party Websites

3.1  All links on this website to third-party websites are provided solely as a convenience to you, and should not be construed in any way as our provision of any endorsement, consent or guarantee for the contents on such third-party websites.  If you decide to access linked third-party websites, you do so entirely at your own risk.  We will not assume any liability for such third-party websites, nor will we make any representation, warranty or undertaking, either express or implied, for the availability of such websites or the contents contained thereon.  Any query or comment in connection with such third-party websites shall be submitted to the operators of such websites.

4.  Privacy

Your privacy is taken seriously at this website.  We do not collect any data on you without your permission.  However, when you are viewing this website, certain information, such as your IP address and the relevant webpage browsing information recorded in the cookies, may be captured by this website through certain technical means.  Such information helps us evaluate the use and browse of this website by visitors and users, including the times, frequency and duration time of staying on each webpage by visitors and users, in order to improve the management and services of this website.  If you do not permit this website to capture such information through technical means, please leave this website and do not use it any more.

5.  Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

5.1  We have made the best efforts to examine the contents on this website, but we make no warranty in any form, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, timeliness, effectiveness, stability, availability or non-infringement of such contents; we do not warrant that the server is stable and you may view, read, copy or use this website at any time; we do not warrant that the words, graphics, materials, links, notes, statements or other matters contained on this website are accurate or complete, or the contents contained on this website will be error-free in terms of printing, copying and typography.  CTV may change the contents on this website at any time without notice, but we do not warrant that the contents will be updated in a timely manner in case of any change or any update will be notified to you.

5.2  In respect of your use of this website, we do not represent or warrant that:

i.  your use of this website will be uninterrupted or error-free;

    ii.  defects on this website will be corrected;

    iii.  this website or the server that makes it available are free of viruses, Trojans, worms, any other malicious software or other harmful components; or

iv. there is no other circumstance with a harm to your interests.

5.3  CTV makes no warranties or representations, either express or implied, as to the information published on this website.   To the extent permissible under applicable laws and pursuant to applicable laws, CTV makes no warranties or representations, either express or implied, as to the information of this website, and does not warrant or make any representations regarding this website and the contents or the results of use of the contents on this website in terms of their correctness, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, or otherwise.  The contents contained herein, in particular those concerning the possible or projectable costs, incomes, prices, business development, performance growth, future performance or tendency in connection therewith, and contents relating to synergy effects or any expectable incomes, are perspective and therefore with certain risks and uncertainty.  Due to various factors, the actual results and development may vary from those expressed or implied above.

5.4  In no event shall this website assume any legal liability for any direct, indirect or incidental losses, including without limitation loss of profit, loss of information and data, damage to property or otherwise, incurred by third parties that result from the use the contents on this website or inability to access this website.

6.  Jurisdiction and Legal Liability

6.1  All lawsuits or disputes arising from these Terms and Disclaimer shall be governed by laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.  If any term hereof becomes illegal due to the amendment to laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, you will agree to CTV’s amendment to these Terms and Disclaimer accordingly.

6.2  You should use the contents and services of this website in accordance with the provisions of laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, requirements under these Terms and Disclaimer and other documents published from time to time by this website, failing which this website will not assume any liability for any inability to provide services for you or any losses incurred by you.  Where any loss is caused to third parties, you shall be solely liable for such loss; where any loss is caused to this website, we will reserve the right to claim for liability against you.

7.  Miscellaneous

7.1  We may amend these Terms and Disclaimer without prior notice to you.  Your use of this website following any such amendment constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the terms as amended.  You should visit this website frequently to view the updated version of these Terms and Disclaimer.

7.2  Each term hereof is enforceable independently and its validity will not be affected by the invalidity of other terms hereof.  If any term hereof is held illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms shall in no event be affected.